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Skilled Workforce

PKFZ’s hassle-free environment, coupled with an educated and skilled workforce, as well as a booming local economy, indicates a high level of success for investors.

Investors will have the pick of a young, educated and productive workforce at very competitive costs.

Workforce and its industrial training:

  • Multi-lingual workforce which speaks two or three languages, including English
  • Comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training, including advanced skills training
  • Educational institutions in Malaysia generate a large pool of professionals with degree and post-graduate qualifications
  • Harmonious industrial relations – minimal trade disputes
  • Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) encourages training, retraining and skills upgrade in the private sector
  • Continuous development of a comprehensive system of vocational and industrial training programmes for all public training agencies
  • Collaborative efforts between the Malaysian government, enterprises and foreign governments

Quick Figure

  • 70% of the country’s population of almost 25 million are below the age of 35.
  • Literacy levels are more than 94%.
  • Total enrolment in public institutions of higher learning is projected to reach over 300,000, with more than half in the science and technical disciplines.
  • School leavers entering the job market have at least 11 years of basic education.
  • Labour productivity has grown steadily at more than 3.3% per annum over the last few years, surpassing many developed countries.


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