Section 8: Passes for Working in the Free Zone

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Section 8: Passes for Working in the Free Zone

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 8: 
Passes for Working in the Free Zone

Passes for Working in the Free Zone

Permanent Pass (PP)

All sponsored employees are issued with a PP which provides a unique identification for each employee. This card serves as permit to work in the Free Zone, allows access into the Free Zone and also is the source of identification in lieu of the employee’s passport. It is to be issued by the Free Zone’s management office on the request of the HR Department of the client’s company through the OSA of PKFZ.

If a card is lost, then a replacement cannot be issued without the PKFZ Security Department’s clearance.


Temporary Pass

A Temporary Pass will be issued only to contractors working at the site. This has to be verified by the appointed contractor or consultant through the Engineering Department and issued by the OSA Department.


Visitor Pass (Single Entry Pass)

Visitor Passes are issued to visitors to the Free Zone. A fax copy must be sent to the Security Department by the client with an authorised signature to issue the pass.

An annual levy on foreign workers is imposed. The levy for a foreign worker in the manufacturing, service and construction sectors is RM100 per month. The levy is paid in advance by the employer and is deductable from the foreign worker’s salary.

Obtaining Passes

All the above types of passes, with the exception of the Visitor Pass, can be acquired by applying to the Administration Department.

Visitor Passes however, require the Licensee to forward the details of the intended visitor to the Security Department, i.e. date, time, company and name and if required, vehicle registration. Normal visitors need to surrender their I/C/Driving license to the Security Officer on duty at the main entrance in exchange for a Visitor Pass. The documents would be returned to the owner upon leaving the building after the visit.

In the case of ceasement of employment, the Licensee must ensure that all passes are returned to the Free Zone’s Administration Department.