Section 7: Safety, Health And Environment

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Section 7: Safety, Health And Environment

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 7: 
Safety, Health And Environment

Paved ground in front of leased warehouses, corridors between offices of leased buildings and open areas between plots of land, are not to be used for placement of equipment, waste, or other items.

Cooking is not permitted in any Free Zone Licensee’s Light Industrial Unit (LIU) & Leased Office Building (LOB) premises. For open land with individual factories, cooking is only permitted in the canteens or cafeterias.

**Canteens and cafeterias will be inspected by the PKFZ Safety, Health and Environment Department (SHE) on ad hoc basis.**


i) Fire, Pollution and Industrial Safety

The Lessee/Tenant shall adopt every reasonable precaution which is necessary or expedient to prevent fire and pollution from occuring and to ensure the industrial safety of persons at or on the Demised Area/the Premises and shall comply

  • with any reasonable directive, instruction and requirement of the Engineering Department of PKFZ as may be notified from time to time and all laws, ordinances, by-laws, rules, regulations or orders for the time being in force with respect to fire prevention, pollution control, discharge of effluents and other similar matters; and
  • with any reasonable directive, instruction and requirements of the Engineering Department and/or any relevant government authority concerning beautification and sanitation. Such directives, instructions and requirements shall take into consideration the Lessee / Tenant’s intended use of the Demised Area for indoor and outdoor industrial activities further described in the Lease / Tenancy Agreement.

ii) Infectious Disease and Pests

If the Lessee / Tenant becomes aware of any infectious disease or illness or any pest outbreak that occurs in or near the Demised Area/ Premises, the company shall

  • immediately give written notice of such an occurance to the PKFZ Management.
  • promptly and at its own costs and expenses, comply with the reasonable requirements of the PKFZ Management (Engineering Department) and/or such relevant authorities with respect to any source of such infectious disease or ilness or pest outbreak occuring in, on or near the Demised Area and/or the Premises.