Section 7: Industrial Waste

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Section 7: Industrial Waste

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 7: 
Industrial Waste

Industrial Waste
Liquid industrial waste shall be treated by the Lease/Tenant generating the waste, to the required applicable standard for each receiving medium (e.g. land, sea, municipality sewer, etc.). For further information on these standards, the Licensee should liaise with the OSA.
Any tenant processing liquid industrial waste for discharge into industrial drainage lines laid by the PKFZ Management, will be required to provide a holding tank of a suitable size to be agreed by the Management. The condition of effluents from such tanks will be subject to checks and monitoring programmes as determined by the Engineering Department of PKFZ.
For connection of the Company’s industrial drainage line into the PKFZ Management’s main industrial drainage lines (for subsequent disposal of industrial waste effluents), the following conditions must also be implemented:

a) Certain control and metering/recording devices must be provided to the satisfaction of the PKFZ Management on the tenant’s industrial drainage line and must be made accessible to the Engineering Department staff whenever required.

b) In the case of any failure to achieve the PKFZ Management’s standard, the discharge into the PKFZ Management’s main industrial drainage system will be stopped immediately and the tenant shall be responsible for any consequences.

c) Charges will be levied in line with the Tariff (by local Sewerage Council, IWK).

Industrial solid waste, which is considered by the Department of Environment (DOE) Selangor and the Engineering Department of PKFZ as non-hazardous waste, can be disposed of as per clause 7.3.0.

Industrial solid or liquid waste, which is considered to be hazardous by the Engineering Department or by DOE, should be dealt with as laid down in clause 7.6.0.

A monitoring programme is to be submitted weekly to the Engineering Department.

Disposal of heavy industrial solid waste will continue to be the responsibility of companies generating such waste subject to the approval of the PKFZ Management.