Section 6: The Customs (Prohibition Of Export) Order 1998

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Section 6: The Customs (Prohibition Of Export) Order 1998

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Section 6: 
The Customs (Prohibition Of Export) Order 1998

(The Customs (Prohibition Of Export) Order 1998)
(a) First Schedule

Goods for export of which is absolutely prohibited .

b) Second & Third Schedules

Not applicable for commercial activity in PKFZ, as cargo is allowed to be exported from PKFZ without producing any export license, under the Free Commercial Zone requirement.

For the Manufacturing activity which is categorized under Free Industrial Zone, the finished products would require export license if it is applicable and required by the particular government agencies.
Please refer to Malaysian Customs Tariff books for the product details of each schedule.

Companies that wish to carry out the labeling/relabelling activity “Made in Malaysia ” for imported cargo need to obtain the certificate of Origin from the local organisation (FMM / MICCI).