Section 6: Marketing Products in Malaysia

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Section 6: Marketing Products in Malaysia

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 6: 
Marketing Products in Malaysia

Marketing Products in Malaysia
All types of Licenses (ZB4) issued by the Free Zone will only be valid in Port Klang Free Zone. Therefore, companies cannot display or sell their products directly in the local market. However, the holder is permitted to operate outside Malaysia. Operations within Malaysia can be undertaken either by an agent, representative, distributor or the Parent Company with a license issued by the relevant authorities in Malaysia .
Potential customers may visit the premises of the Free Zone Licensee in the Free Zone for the purpose of viewing goods.

Free Zone Licensees may themselves display and sell their products at such exhibitions in the same way as any other foreign company.

Note: Free Zone Licensees wishing to make temporary imports for such exhibitions should ask Customs for details of the documented procedures to be followed.