Section 4: Building And Operation Controls

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Section 4: Building And Operation Controls

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 4: 
Building And Operation Controls


Licensees who hold Leases for Land, or Warehouses, or office units are reminded that any engineering, or building works they wish to undertake must be in accordance with the Planning and Construction Regulations and the applicable Free Zone Rules. Execution of works is controlled by the procedures for issuing the Building Plan Approval, including Engineering approval of proposed designs and provision of Certificate Of Fitness.

Copies of the Planning and Construction Regulations and Free Zone Rules are issued to all applicants when the client’s application is approved and they have registered with the OSA Department, PKFZ.

Building Plan Approval

Before any new construction work is started, or before any new constructional work to existing premises is to be made, the client shall arrange to obtain a Building Plan Approval through the OSA Department of PKFZ. The approval is valid for six months, on payment of the fees specified by the local council authority.


To obtain a Building Plan Approval, the client shall initially retain the services of a registered engineering consultant, who shall then subsequently be responsible for submitting a proposal, along with drawings of the intended structure, which are subject to review and approval by the Engineering Department of PKFZ and the Building Department of MPK.

Certificate of Fitness (CF)
When the construction of a client’s custom-built facility is completed and has been inspected to the satisfaction of the Building Department of MPK and the Engineering Department of PKFZ (see Free Zone Planning and Construction Regulations), a CF will be issued.
Only then will the occupation of the building and connection of electrical power be allowed.
Installation and commissioning of the client’s machinery can then begin. However, before commencing operations, a Machinery Fitness Certificate is required, which is to be obtained from Department of Occupational, Safety and Health (DOSH) through OSA (see clause 4.5). Under no circumstances must operations commence without the Machinery Fitness Certificate having been issued and verified by PKFZ.
Note: No charge is made for the issuance of a CF. Also, no charge is made for the initial inspection for approving the CF. However, should any re-inspection be required, then this is chargeable as per the Tariff.
A CF cannot be issued if any re-submission or other related fees are outstanding.