Section 3: Inspection Of Lessee’s Premises

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Section 3: Inspection Of Lessee’s Premises

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 3: 
Inspection Of Lessee’s Premises


Inspection Of Lessee’s Premises

The Free Zone Management requires inspection of the premises of Lessees from time to time to ensure compliance with Free Zone Rules, Regulations and Requirements.

Clients should however note that inspections by any outside organisation other than the PKFZ Management is strictly prohibited, unless previously approved by the PKFZ Management. Any client being approached by any other unauthorised party for inspection or information should notify the Free Zone Administration Department immediately for the PKFZ Management to take appropriate action.


The PKFZ Management will appoint authorised representatives as is deemed necessary for the implementation of the Free Zone Rules and will assign them their duties.


(The Free Zone Management representatives reserve the right to enter a Licensee’s premises at any time, with 24 hour prior notice, with consideration being given, as appropriate and according to urgency, to the resulting disruption of the Licensee’s ongoing processing requirements.) This will be to:

  1. Inspect any work to which, in the opinion of the PKFZ Management, the provisions of Free Zone Rules apply.
  2. Execute such repairs that may be necessary in accordance with the covenants of the PKFZ Management hereinafter contained by the PKFZ management.
  3. Examine any process causing the discharge of any noxious or offensive substance.
  4. Apply tests, take samples, conduct experiments, monitor and generally make enquiries as deemed necessary or proper for confirming compliance with Free Zone Rules.
  5. To confirm that employment rules are being complied with.
  6. To confirm that activities comply with the Lease Agreements.

A Lessee, or his agent, shall render to the authorized representatives, all necessary facilities for entry, inspection, examination and testing in pursuit of the representative’s duties under these rules.