Section 3: Free Zone Leases

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Section 3: Free Zone Leases

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 3: 
Free Zone Leases


Free Zone Approval Licenses To Operate.


Licenses and gazetted transaction forms shall be issued and categorised by the nature of the activity as follows:

Manufacturing License
To carry out manufacturing activities (issued by MIDA)
To carry out any activity within PKFZ (approval by PKFZ Management)
Business License
To carry out business activities in PKFZ (issued by Klang Municipal Council)

Licenses to operate in the above categories are valid in the Port Klang Free Zone.


To qualify for and retain the above Licenses, the applicant:

  1. Must register a company with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM) in order to engage in any business activity in Malaysia.
  2. Must hold a valid lease and an operational license in Port Klang Free Zone.
  3. Must conform to all Federal and/or Municipal Legislations applicable in the Free Zone.
  4. Must conform to the Free Zones Act 1990 and the Free Zone Regulation 1991.

In order to operate in PKFZ, a Free Zone company is required to:

  • Hold a valid license and is in possession of a premise to operate from at all time.
  • Hold a valid Operation Fitness Certificate (except for offices and unmodified pre-built warehouse units).
  • Hold a valid Registration or Good Standing Certificate from the place of incorporation.
  • Pay all dues including Rent and License fees in full.

Licensee details (e.g. change of name of Manager) can be amended on the license on request and upon payment of the published fee (see Tariff). This does not however include changes to the activity of the licensee.


Licensees wishing to expand or amend their activities will have to apply to the One Stop Agency, Free Zone Administration, who will obtain approval from the revelant government authority departments before issuing the License for the new activity.


Licensees whose activities fall under different categories will be issued with separate licenses for each category of activity (e.g. a Licensee who is carrying out both trading and manufacturing will be issued two licenses, one for the trading activity and the other one for manufacturing). Whenever possible, a separate lease will be drawn for each activity.

Note: The fees charged for new, renewal and amendment of licenses are given in the Tariff.