Section 2: Rules For Operating In The Free Zone

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Section 2: Rules For Operating In The Free Zone

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 2: 
Rules For Operating In The Free Zone


General Requirements


Anyone working or operating in the Free Zone, be it a licensee or a contractor working for a licensee, is required to comply with these Free Zone rules.


In the Free Zone Regulations 1991, section 6: “Any person who intends to carry out any activity in a free zone shall comply with all the requirements of any written law relating to that activity.”


A client must have a valid lease and a valid license to operate in the Port Klang Free Zone. However, Sub Lessees are required to have a valid license only (see also Clause 3 for further conditions on sub leases).


Clients are required to renew their leases and licenses within the time frame set respectively by Free Zone Administration Department, i.e. lease section at OSA, PKFZ for the renewal of other government authority licenses.


Payment for services rendered by the Free Zone Management is required in advance in all cases, payment being according to the established tariff given at the end of this publication.
( Refer to Tariff & Fees Schedule in Planning & Construction Regulation Manual)


Movement of goods within the Free Zone and between principal Customs area and a free zone, at all times or any day, shall be done either by clients’ own transport or, a Customs registered bonded truck, or by any registered haulage company.


The lessee/tenant shall pay a fixed registration fee at the One-Stop Agency after they have signed up the lease / tenancy agreement with PKFZ. The registration fees include administrative cost, consultation, assisting the clients in submitting their application to all the relevant authorities to obtain the necessary licenses and approval for Engineering drawing.

The structure of fees is as follows:

Open Land Tenant – RM800.00
LIU Lessee/Tenant – RM300.00
LOB Lessee/Tenant – RM150.00


Below are the Acts and Regulations which are applicable within the Free Zone unless otherwise prescribed in these rules. Any violation of these Decrees, Regulations and Practices shall be notified to the appropriate Authorities:

  1. Free Zones Act 1990 & Free Zone Regulations 1991
  2. Employment Act 1955
  3. Industrial Relations Act 1967
  4. Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (OSHA)
  5. Factories & Machinery Act 1967 & Its 15 Regulations
  6. Industrial Coordination Act 1975
  7. Town and Country Planning Act 1976
  8. Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974
  9. Uniform building By-Laws 1984
  10. Companies Act 1965
  11. Electricity Supply Act 1990 & Regulations & Rules
  12. Environmental Quality Act 1974
  13. Sewerage Services Act 1993
  14. Fire Security Act 1988
  15. Environmental Quality Act 1974
  16. Water Supply Act 1974
  17. Immigration Act 1959
  18. Income Tax Act 1967