Section 10: Security And Fire

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Section 10: Security And Fire

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 10: 
Security And Fire

The Security Department of PKFZ is responsible for the safeguarding of personnel and property within the Free Zone area and for authorising all movement of vehicles and personnel into and out of the Free Zone. In the event of any fire, theft, or other violations of security coming to the notice of a Licensee tenant, the Licensee tenant shall notify the Security Department in the first instance. Where required, Police shall in turn, be notified. PKFZ is under the Protective Area Act. Sect 5 (1) for Protected Places (1959), in which all security rules / regulations will be enforced.

Security Pass for visitors / contractors / vendors entering into PKFZ:

All clients or operators inside the Free Zone will have to fax to the Security Department details of visitors and their company on a letter head one day in advance before the Security Department issues any single entry pass to any visitor. The exception is for emergency cases and breakdown of machinery and equipment that do not require an advanced one day notification, but a fax letter from the company has to be received by the Security Department within the same day.

No single entry pass will be issued without any prior notice via fax from the company or operators inside Free Zone to any contractor / visitor / vendor who intends to visit or have an appointment inside the Free Zone.

All staff of clients operating inside the Free Zone as well as in the LOB must have the Permanent Pass displayed. Permanent Passes are issued by the PKFZ Management based on the application done by the individual HR Departments of companies. Without these passes, access will not be granted inside the Free Zone or the LOB.

All vehicles and personnel moving in and out of the Free Zone are required to have the appropriate pass or permit.

Working hours for Free Zone operators is up to the discretion of the operators. The PKFZ Management has no objection to clients operating 360 days in a year.

For security reasons, the Licensee must inform the Security Department about any shift working arrangements.
Vehicles entering and leaving the Free Zone, shall be subject to search / security check, at the various entry / exit gates by the Security Department.
All Land Lessees who have their own custom built premises shall be required to lodge a second key for their premises with the Security Department to ensure ready access in the event of a fire or other serious incidents. Also, Lessees of pre-built units need to ensure that a second key is lodged with the Security Department in the event of locks being changed.
Lessees are required to provide written details of a contact person to the Security Department in order to facilitate fast response in the event of a fire, burglary or other incidents.
For any serious traffic violation that occur within the Free Zone, Security will charge the offenders and take appropriate action. For minor offences not involving accidents, Security will issue a warning to the offending driver / Licensee to avoid a repetition.
Firearms will not be allowed in or out of the Free Zone. Any violation will be notified to the appropriate section of the PKFZ Management.
All inspections and visits to the site of tenants will escorted by security personnel.

The Lessee / tenant shall at its own cost maintain the security and keep the Demised Area safe and secure at all times during the Sub-lease Term and shall for that purpose be responsible for :

a) employing and providing its own security personnel and staff; and

b) installing and maintaining any security monitoring equipment or instrument and in doing so comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, by-laws, rules, regulations or orders for the time being in force.

The lessee / tenant shall fence the Demised Area in a manner similar with the rest of the occupiers, tenants and/or lessees within the said Land and/or the Free Zone Area as approved by the PKFZ Management and shall maintain, repair, uphold and clean and when necessary, rebuild, reconstruct or replace the fencing or any part thereof.