Section 1: Responsibilities of Free Zone Management Departments

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Section 1: Responsibilities of Free Zone Management Departments

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 1: 
Responsibilities of Free Zone Management Departments

The departments included below are directly involved in processing lease applications and in offering all free zone operations related services. They have the following key responsibilities:

Free Zone Sales and Marketing

a) Marketing Department

  • Responsible for promoting PKFZ and ensuring clients’ needs are adequately taken care of.

b) Sales Department

  • Responsible for receiving and progressing applications from new (or existing) clients intending to set up and operate in the Free Zone.
  • This however excludes factories and land, which is the responsibility of the Engineering Department.


  • Responsible for allocating land for factory, approving allocations of Light Industrial Units (LIU) and Leased Office Buildings (LOB).
  • Also responsible for reviewing and liaising with the local government authorities for approval of plans and permits pertaining to new construction of building/factory, machinery approval for operation fitness on behalf of the client.
  • The Engineering Department also monitors clients’ construction projects to ensure adequate compliance with the Free Zone Planning and Construction Rules and Regulations.
  • This department also monitors and operates the following scope
    1. Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Network and Structure)
    2. SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental)
    3. DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) for Machinery
    4. Fire & Rescue

a) Engineering

  • Responsible for reviewing and liaising with other government authorities for approval, on behalf of the client, on all aspects of Engineering which requires authorization.
  • Also responsible for matters pertaining to waste management (domestic and hazardous) pest control, sewage treatment, drainage, etc, arising in the Free Zone.

b) SHE (Safety, Health and Environmental)

  • The Engineering Department in this scope of operation will monitor all issues pertaining to the above for all clients in the Free Zone. There is a standard guideline – Safety, Health and Environmental guidelines and rules – that must be followed by clients or operators in the Free Zone on the above aspect which is readily available from the OSA Department.

c) DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health)

  • PKFZ Management will not issue an OPERATIONAL FITNESS CERTIFICATE without the DOSH/PKFZ approval for clients in the Free Zone. DOSH/PKFZ approval will be based on the guidelines stipulated, which are available at the OSA counter. It will be the responsibility of the Engineering Department to make sure all machinery installed in the clients’ premises are approved according to DOSH/PKFZ regulations.
  • The Engineering Department will monitor these guidelines on behalf of the client during the initial stage of construction, for fast approval of the operational fitness certificate.

d) Fire & Rescue

  • Fire protection equipment and systems will be monitored by the Engineering Department. The department will abide by all regulations stated in the by–laws 1984 Malaysia for compliance with the local governing authority during the planning stage.
  • The Engineering Department will make sure these laws are implemented and abided by accordingly on behalf of the client during the construction stage. The guidelines are available at the OSA Department.

Free Zone Administration

a) One-Stop Agency

  • Responsible for providing customer services to clients regarding the licenses required by the relevant government departments and to distribute the information booklet to clients. This would include expatriate posts application information and all other engineering as well as machinery services.
  • Responsible for providing Personnel Services to clients regarding manufacturing licenses/incentives from MIDA, registration of companies with CCM, environmental issues related to DOE, safety, health and occupation issues with DOSH, Building Plan Approval & CF (Certificate Of Fitness).

b) Customer Service

  • Responsible for providing front desk service to PKFZ clients pertaining to their needs and other enquiries.
  • Responsible for setting up and handling business information centre for clients and holding regular dialogs with them to address problems related to daily operations.
  • To hold regular inspections the tenant premises to ensure that they are following PKFZ rules and regulations.

c) Operation

  • Responsible for efficient implementation of customs documentation, permits, and other procedures related to PKFZ’s role as Free Zone Administrator and to PKFZ internal compliance requirements or tenants. Specific responsibilities include
    • The Free Zone daily operation – to monitor the cargo transaction in/out of PKFZ, where declaration to be done through setting up a portal transaction via internet.
    • Coordinating customs transactions with Malaysia Customs.

Finance Department- Lease Section

  • Responsible for preparing and issuing Lease and Tenancy relating to client’s premises and operations and for subsequent renewals, amendments and cancellation.

Note: You may contact the One-Stop Agency Department for further information on the services they provide, at (03) 31015568.