Section 1: External Parties For Issuing Of Licenses and Application Approval

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Section 1: External Parties For Issuing Of Licenses and Application Approval

PKFZ Rules & Regulation
Section 1: 
External Parties For Issuing Of Licenses and Application Approval/span>


Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM)

The Companies Act 1965 governs all companies in Malaysia. The Act stipulates that a person must register a company with the CCM in order to engage in any business activity.


Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)

  • Issues manufacturing licenses for manufacturing companies that have a shareholders’ fund of RM2.5 million and above or engaging 75 or more full-time employees under the Industrial Co-ordination Act 1975.
  • Responsible for receiving, processing and approving the International Procurement Centre (IPC) / Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) / Operational Headquarters (OHQ) / Regional Representative / Regional Office applications.

Department Of Environment (DOE)

Issues approval for the following industrial activities under the Environment Quality (EQA) Act 1974 & Environmental Quality (Prescribed Activities) (Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 1987:

  • EIA reports (for prescribed activities).
  • Suitability Evaluation (for non-prescribed activities).
  • Written permission to construct.
  • Written approval for installation of incinerator, fuel burning equipment and chimney.
  • License to use and occupy prescribed premises.

Department of Occupational, Safety and Health Department (DOSH)
Under Factories and Machinery Act 1967:

  • To make sure the factory has safe and hygienic conditions for workers to carry out their duties.
  • Issues design approval of ‘certificate of fitness’, i.e. steam boilers, unfired pressure vessels and hoisting machines such as cranes and lifts.
  • Issues “Certificate of Fitness” prescribed for “certificate machinery”.
  • Serves written notice to the nearest Inspector of Factories and Machineries of the intention to take occupancy of the factory and operate the machines.

Klang Municipal Council (MPK)

  • To receive, process and approve the building plan submitted by PKFZ under the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974 (ACT 133).
  • To receive, process and approve the building plan approval from PKFZ’s manufacturing clients who wish to construct a building as required by Act 133 and the Uniform Building By-Laws 1984.
  • Responsible for issuing CF status.
  • To issue business-related licenses to carry out the business, i.e. factory premises, advertising signage, storage and canteen.

Fire & Rescue Department

Responsible for the inspection of fire safety in clients’ premises and to process and approve the application.