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Geographically, Malaysia is situated between the South of Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand, and north of Singapore and Indonesia. Its population exceeded 29.72 million as at July 2013 and is truly a harmonious cultural and racial melting pot.

Every race observes sensitivity and a deep respect for each other’s cultures. As the fastest growing tourist destination in South East Asia, Malaysia offers a fascinating mix of colourful festivals, unique arts and crafts, architecture, food and a rich array of dance forms.

Since its independence in 1957, the structural transformation of Malaysia’s economy has been nothing short of spectacular. The last decade has seen a deepening and widening of Malaysia’s industrial base as well as the further development of its services sector.

In the coming decade, an important policy component – Vision 2020 – in Malaysia’s development plans will further enhance the knowledge content of the economy.

The Malaysian Government has also initiated major educational reforms by formulating new legislations on education, in addition to affirming the English language as the second language. The official local language is Bahasa Melayu, but the English language is widely spoken, as are a number of Chinese dialects.

Capital City Kuala Lumpur
Population 29.72 million in 2013 Estimated as at July 2014 30,073.52 million
Timezone GMT/UTC +8 ()
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (RM)
Area 329,750 sq km
127,316 sq miles
Religion 61.3% Muslim
19.8% Buddhist
9.2% Christian
6.3% Hindu
12% Taoist
2% Tribal
Language Malay (official), also known as Bahasa Malaysia



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